Thursday, April 1, 2010

Early Thoughtful Thursday

I usually spend afternoon naps or even right before dinner time writing but today I already had a lot on my mind and I thought I would take these few quiet minutes in my house to get some of my thoughts down, since I know you are all dying to know how my crazy mind works!  LOL
So in two weeks my baby Zeke will be three years old, which also means that in four weeks my baby Ki will be one year old.  All the way up until last weekend I was planning on doing a "party" for my boys on their birthday weekends.  The more and more I started thinking about it I realized that the parties are more for me than anyone - silly I know!  Both of my boys really could care less, it is just another day.  I know that in a year or two that Zeke will have the realization that something is going on and will probably want to do something, but I started thinking that until that time comes I would rather not make a huge deal about it.  So one thing that I thought about doing instead is take the time and money and not to mention the effort in doing a big "shin-dig" and rather get the boys pictures taken.  When I was at the Momporium I got a coupon for $100 off a photo shoot with a professional.  I looked up her prices and it is basically for the actual shoot and then I can buy pictures off of her for what I thought to be rather inexpensive... so that is what I am thinking about birthdays and such!
While at the Momporium last weekend in my goodie bag I got a catalog for J.Jill and I have officially decided that if there was some way I could be a clothes rep for them I would jump at the opportunity!  There was not one thing in that catalog that I didn't want.  Everything looks so crisp and nice and yet everyday living comfortable. 
After having my two little blessings I feel that my body has been through a tornado... It is all stretched out and sagging and bagging.  My goal is to loose twenty to thirty pounds in the next few months... ambitions yes, possible - I sure hope so!  On Tuesday I walked for three and a half miles and every other day I have been doing sit ups and tummy things.  I have been trying to be a little more aware of what I am putting in my mouth and trying to stay away from some of the known no-no's.  I think the red flag for me was that my "fat pants" tore in the hinney... so I am down a "fat pants" and feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes. 
Stuttering... some days we have a great day and others I feel like we are back at the worst again.  The last two days have been not that great.  I wish I knew what sets off the speech issues!  Why can one day to the next be so different?  So the count down in my mind is still there 12 days until we have our appointment with the speech pathologist.  I am not sure what I am hoping will come from that appointment.  I think mentally it will be nice to speak to someone who has seen many different cases and will be able to assure me that things aren't that bad and that there is light at the end of the tunnel of not understanding my little boy!
Ki is getting around pretty darn well now.  His little arms fly high in the air and his big ol' belly sticks out, but he gets a good five or six steps in and then falls.  For some reason in the evening right before bed he thinks is time to practice his walking, so be begins at the chair in the living room and gathers the courage to brave the distance between the chair and the couch and back again. 
Starting on Monday I will begin watching Lucianna again.  Should be a fun time... Zeke, Ki and Lucianna I am sure will keep me busy.  Thankfully at this point Lucianna is not even sitting up on her own so I don't have to worry about her running off.  My hope is that her parents will be okay with my taking her to the parks and getting out of the house once in a while.  With the weather getting warm I am sure that I will need to get my boys out and about!
A house that Michael and I have seen on the MLS for the last few months is back on there again after the short sale fell through.  The price of the house dropped $5k and it is in a nice area with a big backyard and four bedrooms and four baths.  It is in Douglas county and our realtors told us a month ago that Douglas is doing a 20% down for new home buyers due to the fact that there are so many foreclosures.  I wish that even with those incentives that we could jump at this house.  I feel like there are so many homes out there and they are all just out of reach!  Either the perfect house for us is just not out there, yet or we are just going to be renters for the rest of our lives... kind of frustrating either way as I see it!  Come on lottery! :-)
In the almost two years that we have lived in this home we have started noticing things that are just falling apart.  Michael took a weekend and went through and took pictures and wrote out an email to our property managers about the house and the things that we have been noticing that are just falling apart.  For example all the north facing doors do not close properly.  All the east and west facing doors and windows are not closing as tightly as they once did.  Our kitchen counter is pulling away from the wall and in some areas is almost an inch away.  Michael got out his level and measured from one side of the house to the other and the house has dropped almost a full inch.  After sending off the email we heard back from the property manager requesting that we set three days and times aside to have them and the home owner come over with a contractor to asses the damages and evaluate what needs to be done or what could be done to repair some of the issues. 
Well I think that just about covers all my thoughts for the time being!  Hope that all is well with everyone too.  Have a great day...