Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Wish List 2010

So last year I wrote up my Christmas Wish List and I got all but one thing on the list... granted not for Christmas but in this past year.  Maybe writing up a wish list isn't all that silly after all!  For my birthday last year I found myself a Boba, which in my opinion is better than an Ergo because it is made here in Colorado.  Then for my anniversary/birthday this year Michael bought me a Kitchen Aid.  So the only thing missing is the camera.  I am partially hoping that Santa brings my sister Alycia a new camera so that her old one can be passed on!  Hehehehe.
I have been asked by a few people what it is that I am wanting for my birthday and Christmas.  To their question I have not had an answer.  The only thing that comes to mind is not really a particular item as more just time...
I would love to have my best friend Sarah come out and visit me.  We have not seen each other since she got married, that was three years ago this summer.  So from Sarah, a good long visit which would include us sitting and chatting over a cup of tea would be the most glorious gift of all! 
From my husband, I would love to have a weekend (and a whole weekend is not even required, maybe just a whole day) where he and I can get away and just be the two of us.  Away from the house chores, away from the boy chaos and just spend some time talking, or just being quiet holding hands or snuggling. 
From my parents I would love a visit with the two of them, here or there in San Diego.  I would love for them to be able to tag team play with the boys and I could sit back and enjoy them, enjoying my two characters - thing one and thing two.
From my Grandma Betty, I would love to extract from her a portion of her sewing ability... yeah I know that one is a hard one!  When we girls were younger she tried to teach us, bless her patience!  I always found it much easier to give her the sewing project and watch her fingers quickly work their magic rather than spend hours myself trying to do what she could whip out in an hour! 
To everyone else... Grandpa Dion and Grandma Patti, Brian and the Hedrick family, Great Grandma Talone, Grandma Cawne, Sheila, Mike and Christina, Uncle Greggy, Missi, my sisters, and anyone else... to see your smiling face in my house and give you a big hug.  Now that wish I know is far fetched but why not wish for the stars?
As far as purchasable items... there really is not anything.  I feel totally blessed with everything that I have!  The one thing that does come to mind is my desire to stretch my creative fingers that have been laying dormant for the last few years.  I asked my mom if she could find the sewing machine that has been long packed away and the quilting tools and send them my way so that when I get a chance I could do that.  Those are things that I have but are just packed away.  Whenever I enter Hobby Lobby (the craft store) I feel like I could spend hours in there - that has become my sanctuary!  I will go there and walk the aisles and not buy anything but just dream of all the projects that I could do.  So I guess anything that would allow me to be creative... I don't know how to do much but just feeling like I need to do something with my desires!