Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Channeling my Inner Polyanna

This week it has been a chore to channel my inner Pollyanna! 
Last Monday I called into the dealership to let them know that I needed to bring in my car to get some work done on it.  I was told to drop off the car at nine in the morning on Tuesday and they would have a complementary car for my use.  I showed up a little behind schedule at 9:15 and I waited at the dealership for over an hour for a vehicle and then was taken by carpool van to Enterprise where I waited another hour and three cars later to finally get into a GMC Acadia.  I rush home to realize that I had locked myself out of the house.  An hour of having a picnic in the front yard Michael left work to let us in.  That night we were told that most likely my car will need a new engine.  What the heck!?! 
After that and the snow we had on Wednesday I was ready for a new week. 
Well yesterday began normally - the boys and I left the house to go to Ki's parent teacher conference then we ran an errand came home.  I was putting Riah down for his nap when I heard our CO2 monitor go off.  I assumed that the boys were messing with it and I went running down the stairs to see the older two boys nicely playing in the front living room and the lower living room monitor was blinking numbers at me.  I told the boys to go to the front yard I ran upstairs grabbed Riah out of his crib and went to the front yard too.  After a phone call to Michael and one to the property management company the boys and I spent the next two and a half hours in the front yard - Three potty accidents, a screaming baby and two hungry boys latter we are told that the furnace needs to be replaced due to a broken pipe and the CO2 leak.  We are told we can come back in the house but to open all the doors and windows and know that we will be without heat until it is fixed.  Really?!?! 
Well, this morning three men came to our house and replaced our furnace in time for a snow storm tonight.  The baby is up and running and just in time for nap time too!  The story on the car... well it is still in the shop one week later and I am driving a rental still and we have been told that they are rebuilding the engine and it should be complete by Saturday.
The inner Pollyanna -
Thankfully the two days that we spent hanging out on the front lawn were warm days!
Thankfully we have an extended warranty on my car and everything should be paid for other than our $50 deductible. 
Thankfully we are renting this house and the new furnace is not on our dime.
Thankfully we are all healthy and taken care of!