Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy days

Starting this week I am watching our neighbors baby, Luciana she is two months old.  So my days are very busy.  The mornings are all about rushing to get everything done for the rest of the day knowing that with three little ones my afternoons are taken up.  I have been truly blessed though with a big helper in Zeke.  He love helping with Luciana.  I don't think he realized that he could help out with Ki but now having two babies he is really helping out.  Yesterday both the babies were fussing at the same time so I put Luciana in the bouncy seat and had Zeke feed her a bottle and then I fed Ki, as he still will not take a bottle.  Today Luciana was fussing because she had tummy troubles and Zeke was so sweet, he sat next to her singing to her the lullaby songs I sing to he and Ki.  When the songs weren't helping he tried stroking the bridge of her nose like I do to Ki.  When that stopped working he came over and got me and took me by the hand to the kitchen to get her a bottle.  I had to inform him that a bottle wouldn't help but we just had to talk gentle to her until she stopped. 
The only reason why I am able to post is because both Ki and Luciana are sleeping right now... awe peace and quiet, well maybe from baby cries but Zeke is still running a mile a minute, on no nap mind you!