Thursday, December 10, 2009


I can't tell you how many people commented on how happy I looked while we were in San Diego.  I was overwhelmed by the nice comments.  To that I simply say, I am happy!  I am blessed beyond words.  I have a wonderful husband who I love and whom loves me... even with my quirks!  I have two great boys, who keep me busy and on my toes.  I live in a fun little town where I have made friends, which is not in my nature to do but I have learned!  I have THE best job ever - being a wife and a mommy.  I truly feel like I am doing my dream job - the job I was made to do.  Growing up I thought I was supposed to be a teacher in a classroom, but I have found my higher calling... being Zeke and Ki's mommy and Michael's wife. 
So to everyone that said such nice things to me in San Diego, thank you!  You made me take a moment to really appreciate all that I have in my life!