Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wake Up Call

This morning I was awoken by Ki crying in his crib at 7:20am.  I went to his room to get him out and after getting him out of bed to change his diaper and feed him, I walked into Zeke's room to check on him.  Zeke was not in his room.  A little panic ran through my chest as I wondered where he was.  A glance down stairs assured me.  Zeke had gotten up was eating an apple, that he climbed up on the counter to get himself. And was sitting very quietly on the living room floor eating and trying to figure out one of his Christmas games that we got him... Lighting McQueen Tic Tac Toe.  I thought about getting upset with him for coming down stairs by himself and climbing on my counters, however he chose an apple to eat when there was plenty of other things that he could have gotten that were not as healthy.  My little Mr. Independent!