Thursday, December 10, 2009

Helpful People

After dropping Zeke off at school today I made a mad dash to Hobby Lobby - Zeke has "overused" his Superman cape and it was in need of repair.  I stood looking at a large wall of cape repairing materials and I was totally lost.  Thankfully there was a grandma type lady purchasing a few items and I thing she say my look of desperation while holding the cape.  She came to my rescue and offered a few options for me to fix the cape.  She asked if I had a sewing machine and I informed her that I didn't and that I was bound and determined to fix the cape better than new.  She smiled a sweet grin and offered to have me over to her house to help me sew it on her machine.  I was so honored by her gesture and I think overwhelmed that I turned down her offer.  She pat me on the shoulder and said, "That's a true mom!"  I sheepishly smiled and she was off.  After she left I cringed thinking... what the heck, I just turned down help in an area that I am totally unfamiliar with!  Oh well - I have a cape to repair so that my super hero can get back to saving my house!