Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I have been struggling with getting into the Christmas spirit lately.  I think the crud has had an effect on that but I really think that it is more then that.  I will admit today I was feeling a little glum so I decided that I would decorate everything.  Yes, I realize that without the decorations in my house it would be hard to get into the spirit... therefore the motivation was there tonight.  We went and cut down our Christmas tree on Sunday night, the event was very non-eventful... we drove up to Grandma and Grandpa Kulow's house.  We saw a tree from the car on the road to their house, pulled over, got out and cut it down and got back in the car to go eat cookies at the grandparent's house.  We put the tree in our house Sunday night.  Zeke came down with the crud that night, Monday and Tuesday I was watching our neighbor's daughter Luciana.  Ki came down with the crud on Tuesday night and the last two days I have been laying low!  After a few movies, naps and lounging, Zeke and I decorated our Christmas tree, we even set up the Thomas train track around the bottom of the tree.
I am hoping that with the tree decorated, house cleaned and the crud, hopefully on it's way out of our house that the Christmas spirit will come to me!