Monday, December 28, 2009

Productive last two days.

Yesterday I got the cleaning bug and went through the pantry threw out some old food.  Went to Target and got some snap ware and put away some of the pantry food that was in bags from Sunflower Market in them.  Got all the Christmas decorations picked up and boxed up.  Today I decided to tackle the laundry.  I got all the laundry done and put away - that is a big thing for me, usually the clothes sit down in the basement on my folding tables; also known as the tops of the washer, dryer and the ironing board.  Both the boys got a lot of clothes for Christmas and so I needed to wash all their new clothes.  Being that there were so many new clothes I had to go through all the old clothes and pack up the outgrown ones.  While I was in the mood I went through the boxed clothes from Zeke that were to be passed down to Ki, and organized and washed them.  The some of the clothes that have seen better days through hand-me downs from friends I took a bag of clothes to the Goodwill.  I cleaned out my truck and put in Zeke's new booster seat and then moved Zeke's old car seat over for Ki to now use.  I got dinner made and then cleaned up from that, got the boys bathed, Ki in bed and now Zeke is watching a movie while I sit here. 
Phew - that just about tired me out typing it all... or maybe it is that I am tired from my day.  I think it might be also that I woke up at three this morning because Ki woke up, he went back to bed and I could not for the life of me switch my brain off!  This morning when Michael got up I bombarded him with all of my night time thoughts, which were a ton!  I started off thinking about Mothers & More, then MOPS, then the boys room, my truck, having another child or not, selling the baby stuff if we are done having babies, our vacations... March to San Diego, July to Utah, and August to Arizona... like I said my mind would not shut off!
Well, now I am hoping that my mind will shut off.  I am off to have a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies!