Friday, January 8, 2010

Boys vs Girls

Today I took Zeke to Jumpstreet... he really wanting to go sledding, like he did yesterday with daddy but I can't really do that with Ki... so the next best thing, Jumpstreet.  Oh goodness to difference between boys and girls is night and day.  No this is not a new revelation for me, however being at Jumpstreet makes it like neon light different.  We went at 12:30... had an early lunch and then went and jumped our hearts out.  Zeke ran around like a wild banshee and had a blast... has a goose egg on his forehead and a fat lip to prove it!  This child makes friends every where we go and they always seem to be older boys.  The two kids that he paled up with were both four years old.  The first was Sam... Zeke and he ran around from one thing to the next tripping over their own feet and just kept on going.  When the other kids saw them coming they parted to seas!  Playing with  Sam was when Zeke got the goose egg, he was racing with Sam and looked back to see where Sam was (behind him) and plowed into another child... knocked them both on their butts, leaving then both with immediate goose eggs.  Sam left and Zeke found Jake.  Those two wrestled something fierce on the trampolines.  Girls came to play on the trampolines and wound up leaving.  While Jake and Zeke were playing... rough I might add, Jake fell down and Zeke come over and then bounced and Jake lost his footing and his head knocked Zeke in the mouth.  Blood appeared before the tears did.  I told Zeke he needed to slow down and that didn't do much... the child just kept on going!  Two hours of hard playing and I still could not get the child to nap.