Friday, January 8, 2010

Paid in Full

Yesterday while at MOPS I get a text from Michael reminding me that I needed to go to Kaiser to pay our debt.  After MOPS I get Zeke from preschool and we all head over to the clinic to pay our monthly payment.  I walk in and get my cards out to pay like I have done for the last few months.  The receptionist asks me what I am doing there and I tell her that I am there to make a payment on our account.  She smiles and says that it has been paid in full, that our account is zero.  I chuckle and then ask, "Seriously?"  She asks me to sit down and she will contact her supervisor to make sure that she is checking everything correctly.  A few minutes later she calls me back to the desk and says again, your account has been paid in full.  I am still in disbelief so she turns her computer screen around so that I can see our account... she's right, there are all zeros on our account.  Being the skeptic that I am ask if there is another person that I can call to triple check that this is the case.  She smiles and agrees.  I leave the clinic and call Michael right away to verify with him that we had a balance and what that balance was.  I get home and make a call to the top supervisor and she too confirms that our account has been paid in full.  I question her to make sure that our account wasn't sent to collections or something, she verifies that it was paid and then agrees to send me a zero balance invoice for my records.  Still today I am in shock, I don't know who or how our account was paid in full but I am totally blessed by it!  I thought maybe our luck was running so I called the hospital that Ki was born at to see if by chance that bill was paid in full... no such luck!  Oh well, having the Kaiser bill from Ki's birth paid for is a big thing!  I guess miracles do happen!  Now just for all our debt to be paid in full and us to be able to afford a house to buy... one can wish, right?