Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Money

I love Christmas money!  Today Michael, the boys and I headed to the outlet mall in Castle Rock and we spent some Christmas money.  Michael and I got three new pans from the Calphalon store.  I swear I could have left Michael there for two more hours and he would have been in heaven.  After quiet a long time in there I had to put the items on the counter and just pay for what we had.  If I didn't I am sure that Michael would have found three or more pieces to buy.  When I was finally able to tear Michael away from the store we went to Stride Rite, my new favorite shoe store for the boys and got a new pair of tennis shoes for Zeke, which according to him help him run faster and a new pair of shoes for Ki.  Yep you read that correctly, shoes for Ki!  My baby is starting to take steps.  He has been wearing Zeke's old Robeez but Michael feels very strongly about allowing Ki to get a few things of his own that are not all hand me downs.  Plus the shoes we got him have a little more traction on the bottom!  All in all a fun day, although now Michael is saying that he wants to put a little money aside every month to go back to the Calphalon store and get a new pot every few months.  I just smiled and pat him on his shoulder, I agree that our pots and pans have seen better days - but they are not by any stretch of the imagination seen their full life!  Between cooking stores and tool stores my hubby would be in heaven, and there are days that I think cooking stores would win hands down!