Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts from today...

This morning I registered Zeke for three days of preschool for next year.  My baby is growing up!  As I was standing in line to turn in the paperwork this morning I got a little tear in my eye... before I know it I will be sending him off to kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, high school... oh goodness, time goes by way too fast!
Today I had a MOPS leaders meeting that was both heavy and heartwarming.  I know it must sound silly to have both of those adjectives in the same sentence but this is why... heavy, because the mentor mom shared her story of her daughter.  In December of 2006 her 36 year old daughter jumped to her death off of the Golden Gate bridge.  The mentor mom just encouraged everyone that there are things that come into our lives but , "That God does not waste even the smallest life experiences to change them around and be used in the life of someone else as a blessing and encouragement."  Heartwarming because another mom of the MOPS leaders group shared the battle that she has been going through since the birth of her one and only son.  Her son was born with a rare genetic disease that to date there are only three living boys with as well as dwarfism.  She shared that she had to fly to Seattle with her son so that he could have this surgery.  While there she got to meet a mom of a daughter that has this same disease as well as she got to go to a play group with children that were all dwarfs.  As I listened to her story I was just in awe at what a mom can do.  She has fought for her son's life with doctors, insurance, and just the daily struggles and she is so positive.  This mom would be one of the few people that I would like to sit down with and just spend a day in her life, yes, I know that I could never truly know or feel what it is that she knows or feels but her strength just amazed and impacted me so profoundly I was in tears! 
On a lighter note, I absolutely love mid-day visits with my husband!  Today the boys and I met Michael by his job site for lunch.  There is something special about getting out of my regular routine and doing something that we don't normally do (eating lunch out... and getting to visit with Michael).  Last week Michael was working long days as well as he had to work on Saturday.  It is hard on him to not really get to see the boys.  On Sunday Michael kept saying how much Ki had changed in that week!  I think being that Ki is at an age where we put him to bed at night and get him up in the morning and he has changed, makes a week with really not seeing him but a minute or two really hard on Michael.  So our afternoon date was a fun one, I truly treasure those times that we get to sneak away from the daily chores and have a little time with each other!