Monday, January 25, 2010


After three years my husband and I finally decided who side of the bed is whose.  I know that this must sound absurd, it was a silly thing to me too.  When Michael and I got married he said on our anniversary we will trade sides of the bed to change things up.  That was really weird to me, my parents were married for 20 plus years and they had their sides of the bed and that was that.  I was willing to go with it!  Just last week Michael informed me that he had decided on his side of the bed, which was not his side of the bed for this year.  So now after three years I sleep on the right side of the bed and Michael on the left - that is that!
Ki has decided that now that he can climb stairs that it is way more fun to be upstairs in the bedrooms then it is to be down where all the toys are.  This afternoon I watched him climb up the stairs and then go in and sit in Zeke's room.  There are no toys in there, nothing to get into but he just sat there so proud of himself!
I just fed both of my boys the same lunch!  This is quiet a hurdle to overcome as a mommy - usually I make Zeke his lunch and then have to make a lunch for Ki which usually consists of rice cereal and some puffs.  Today my boys ate hot dogs, cheese, banana, pears and then Zeke had some crackers.  Zeke ate one and a half hot dogs, two pears, half a banana, cracker and cheese... Ki ate one and a half hot dogs one pear, half a banana and some cheese!  Ki almost ate the same amount of food as his brother that is two years older then he. 
Zeke is going through a phase right now where he will not eat anything that he can not eat with his chop sticks.  This phase began last week and is continuing on strong this week.  I am having to get creative in my sandwich cutting skills and lunch ideas to come up with chop stick approved sizes of food.
While we were at Costco on Saturday Michael decided that he wanted to try the Pepsi throwback so we got a pack.  While in the store Michael is telling me that he might drink one or to out of the entire box but heck we would get the whole pack and have it around for people that visit.  That night we got home and opened the pack and drank one.  The next day Michael drank another and today I found myself drinking one with my lunch.  Those darn things are really good - it is amazing what using real sugar does to a drink!  If you are thinking about trying it - go for it, they are good!
Like I titled this - randomness... my head has been running from one thought to another, kind of hard to follow I am sure, but that is my life at least for today!

Have a great day!