Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom of Two

In case you were wondering I do have two children!  There are times in the last few days that I feel bad because Ki stories are not as widely told as Zeke stories.  Both of my boys have personalities... sometimes I wish I could tame them down, however they both are unique and make me smile.  Ki has taken on the personality of watching... I think being that he has an older brother that keeps us all busy plays a role in that personality trait.  Ki is my smiler... sure Zeke smiles, but when Ki smiles his whole face smiles, he has these little lips that just melt my heart.  There are times that I sit and watch my boys and can't help but wonder what the next few years are going to be like.  I just laugh and pray that I will maintain my sense of humor!  There are days when Ezekiel just about wears my down to raw nerves and I wonder how he and I are going to make it through teen years.  Ki has this temper that goes from happy go lucky to pissed in two seconds flat... oh goodness my boys are going to rumble!  I suppose being that Ki is so young still he is still working on being his own person.  Just within the last few weeks Michael and I have been noting some of Ezekiel's personality that is shinning through... frustrating and endearing all in the same.  So I know that Ki will too have his time where I am consumed with his stories.  So, yes I have two boys, both with personality galore... however in this season Zeke's stories are new and fresh, as his vocabulary is growing as well as his desire to be Mr. Independent (which he gets from his daddy! Smiles!)