Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Importance of Hide-A-Keys

Just in case you were thinking that Hide-A-Keys were lame, or for that matter just for your car... let me tell you otherwise.  Tonight as I was making dinner my life was in the hands of a two and a half year old!  I went out to check the meat on the bbq and low and behold my son... scratch that, Michael's son, thought it would be funny to lock me outside. 
Here is the picture... I am in short sleeves, thin pants, slippers, running outside after getting the rice and veggies in the steamer to check on the meat.  Zeke jumps up from the couch, where I have had him laying most of the day trying to rid this stinking coughing crud, plows over his brother and locks the sliding glass door.  I promptly go to the door and tell him to open it.  He smiles and shakes his head no.  By this time Ki has recovered from the tackle  and has now perched himself in front of the sliding glass door and is banging on it and smearing his snotty, slobbery face all over it.  I try to keep my cool and decide that since I can see both the boys that I am not going to make a big deal of it and just stay outside until my meat is done and then hopefully the novelty of the locked door will have ceased and I will be granted access back into my house.  But of course things couldn't be that easy! 
Oh no, not for Andrea!  The bbq ran out of propane... now my meat is getting cold - it is like 40 degrees out.  I thought for a minute, banged on the slider and then thought, maybe the novelty of the front door bell being rung might bring Zeke to open the door.  Nope!  I rung that darn bell a bunch of times with no prevail.  So I trudged back to the back yard, grabbed my meat off the now cold grill and began the pleading.  The screaming was not helping, the full name use was no use, the calm, cool and collected voice just made him jump on my couch and laugh... so I brought out the pleading, "do you want to watch another movie, if so open the door" - thankfully that worked.  Mind you by this time the entire neighborhood now knows Zeke's full name, my fist hurts and my patience is 100% gone! 
I am finally granted access to my own.  Upon my entrance I lay into Zeke... this is where I will spare the details!
I get dinner made and allow Zeke to come down and eat dinner.  While sitting down for dinner I get a call from Michael saying that he is on his way home and I share with him the adventure of the evening.  He chuckles and says, "Well at least you have a key in garage for when you get locked out."  I simply said, "Well that did not help me tonight did it?" 
The boys and I finish dinner and went to the basement to play for a little while and then I hear Michael come in the door and he yells for Zeke.  Come to find out, Zeke covered all his bases... he even locked the garage door.  Mentally I am thinking, well at least we had a spare key in the garage.
Goodness gracious - this better be a phase that ends very quickly or else we are going to have to lock Zeke in his room... not for reals, don't worry!