Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Improvements

Today Michael got the home improvement bug, bad!  His itch made me get it too!  Michael and I started talking about how we wish we had a house so that we could make these improvements for our own long term benefit.  Home improvements that we do now are for our personal comfort but are not exactly what we even want - it is more just to make things decent.  For example Michael has decided that he wants to paint the kitchen... three samples later, I think we might have found the color.  The next project, of course after Michael actually finishes the kitchen painting (planning on a month or two... hehehe) - I think will be the boys bathroom, paint and maybe even a new light fixture and vanity.  After that I am hoping that we will be able to get new furniture for the boys bedroom... I am hoping a trip to Ikea, in July on our way home from Utah family reunion!  I know I dream big but heck if I can't dream then I am just depressed that I don't have the house that I really want with everything in it.  In my dreams my house is decorated to the nines, furnished with nice yet comfy furniture, my walls are all painted beautifully with art work and family pictures - sounds good huh?  My dreamland keeps me going sometimes until we win the lotto... or something happens to our financial state that allows us to afford to purchase a home, nothing too big but enough so we don't have to move our boys again.