Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr. Mom

There are days that I challenge Michael in that he could never do what I do every day... take care of our two very active boys and do it with grace.  Well, today he stepped up to the plate!  Michael stayed home with the boys today because I was not feeling well.  He watched Zeke and Ki - and you know what, I didn't hear yelling, screaming or cussing from any one of my boys!  He even got Ki to take two naps today, both over an hour long.  Ki did not fuss all day, until he saw me that is.  What is up with that?  Michael said that Ki was really good for him, just sat and played and then got tired and he laid him down for his naps.  It was only when I came down stairs to get some water that Ki started to fuss.  Zeke did a great job too.  Zeke has been struggling with not playing by himself.  I have been working with him to spend twenty minute time frames playing by himself, I will leave him in the living room and tell him that it is his big boy play time.  Michael said that at first Zeke was struggling but I guess Zeke went upstairs to his room had some big boy quite time and then did really well the rest of the afternoon.  So - I am glad that my boys were good for Michael.  I am grateful that Michael was able to take the day off and watch the boys.  I feel some what rejuvenated after all day of sleeping.