Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I know that everything in life comes and goes in phases.  One of the phases that has been a recent struggle for me is naps!  I know that sounds silly but, Ki has been trying to get rid of his morning nap and just be a one nap guy.  He has not figured it out, which makes for either really fussy mornings as I try to stretch him out to do an afternoon nap or really fussy evenings because he slept in the morning too long and is not able to fall asleep in the late afternoons.  Ahhh I have been just about pulling my hair out trying to make this transition smooth - which it is not! 
Today I took Zeke to school and then as I was driving away from preschool Ki fell asleep in the car, mind you it was only nine.  My original plan was going to drop Zeke off at school, go run my errands and then make it home around ten to have Ki nap.  Nope, my plans did not come to fruition.  Although it really did work out even better!  Ki napped from nine until eleven, that was two hours of getting some house chores done, dinner in the crock pot, dessert made, and time to check emails.  It is amazing how much I can get done in two hours when I have a sleeping baby! 
(My Sleeping Ki)
After Ki woke up, we went and did my two errands and still made it to pick up Zeke at preschool at noon.  I will say though that Ki had a little accident today, we went to Hobby Lobby and the carts are the worst carts ever.  Well, Ki learned that first hand today!  I had him strapped in and I leaned over to look at something and he leaned too... well his weight was no match for the cart, they both tipped over to the side.  Ki faired fine, just a little bump on his eye brow, but goodness it sure made my heart jump!
Today for lunch my boys were pretty much back to their regular piggies!  The last three or four days it has been a chore getting them to eat, not today!  While I was at Target today getting parchment paper I saw rice cakes and thought that I might get those for the boys to try.  Why had I never thought about those before today?  Both of the boys just about ate the whole bag, they loved them.  Zeke called them popcorn cookies... I figure that works.
Since Ki was about three weeks old I have tried feeding him a bottle.  He has never once taken it.  For a short time when he was having bowel issues the doctor told me to give him Miralax in a bottle.  I shared with the doctor that I can get him to take a bottle, there was no other option - If I wanted to help with the bowel issue I had to give him a bottle.  So when he was about four months old I had to try and get two ounces of liquid into a screaming baby.  It was a battle every time, a battle of his will against my patience.  Usually after an ounce his will would win!  The last few days, Ki has been taking the nipple from a play bottle that I gave to Zeke to feed his baby doll with.  The nipple belongs to a cheap bottle that I picked up at like the Dollar Tree in a pack of three bottles, so basically the cheapest they come.  Today Ki was using the nipple as a paci and so I got a bright mommy idea, why not put the bottle together with the nipple and see if he will drink some milk.  I had formula left over from when we moved here and Zeke was drinking bottles.  The formula expires in a few months so I thought, heck I will make a six ounce bottle and if I waste it, oh well!  I sat down with Ki and he drank five ounces!  Holy cow that is the most he has ever had from a bottle, there was no battle, no screaming, no fighting... he just drank five ounces from the bottle.  Could it be, all I had to do was give this child the cheap bottles?  Whatever it is I am happy!