Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just a few thoughts... here goes my soap box!  Plunk...
(Clearing my throat...)
Really, I was folding some pajamas this afternoon and written on the tags of two pairs of pajamas it truly said, "Not flame resistant, keep clothing from open flame".  Are you serious?  Is it really necessary to put that on the tags of pajamas?  I am assuming that some parent had their child in this company's pajamas and they caught fire, the parent sued and now the company has to print this on all their pajamas.  Interested if this same warning was on their day clothes, I checked some of the shirts and shorts that I have from this company... the warning was not there.  Oh goodness!
On a more serious note...
Come on Littleton, you are not a very well known city except for shootings.  You have Columbine almost 11 years ago and now the Deer Creek.  I know it is not the city's fault but seriously, when I say that I am from Littleton I get the head tilt and the, "Oh where Columbine is" look.  
How as a parent can I look at the schools here and say, "Oh I can't wait for my boys to go to school!"  Granted I know that shootings can and will happen everywhere but two shootings in the same town, making national news.  
I had to call my grandma today to inform her that we are all okay and that the shooting was not at the school that is a block from my house. 
What is our society coming to?  
I am not wanting to make the shooting a spectacle or lessen the effect that it has made on our community, please do not read that into this post!  I am just so saddened at what a "circus" our society has become.  I realize having my first comment about tags in jammies followed by the shooting does not quit flow, but being a mommy, the jammies really got me thinking.  I know that must sound ridiculous, and it probably is!  As I was folding my boys jammies I was thinking about the moms of the two kids that were shot at yesterday and thinking that it was just a few years ago that those moms were folding their child's jammies and now here they are having to deal with the harsh reality that their babies lives could have been taken in a split second as they were leaving their school day at the neighborhood junior high school.  
This weekend I was chatting with our friend Bob on Skype and he had mentioned something about the plane that went down in the IRS building in Austin.  I said in a silly tone, "If it does not happen within these four walls I probably don't know about it."  Although that is true, sad - but true!  I started thinking about that today as well.  I do live in a little bubble of Michael, Zeke and Ki - nothing else really gets through.  So that was where the pajama tag caught my eye and then led to the thinking about the moms of the two kids and then to the sad state our society is in.  
Sorry for the lengthy soap box... just a few thoughts and had to share them with someone!
You may now return to your regularly programed life.