Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

It is official, Ki is a stair climbing and going down fool!  I can now let him go up and down the stairs without having to be right there to watch him, he has got it down.

Today I had to be a ninny on the phone with someone.  I really don't like having to be pushy with people, but I was forced to do so today.  I felt bad after getting off the phone, because I could tell I really flustered the lady that I was speaking with, but the problem is still not resolved - meaning I am going to have to be a ninny a few more times before I get what I want!  Grrrr.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a few splurge items for myself.  Last night after my boys were in bed I took a loooong hot shower and then got out and washed my feet, scrubbed them, put on nice smelling feet lotion and enjoyed myself immensely!  I only spent four dollars on a foot scrubber, foot scrub and foot lotion and I must say those four dollars were well spent.  As I am typing I am anxious for the night to come so that I can treat my feet again tonight.  Hehehehe, the simple pleasures!