Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Impossibly Scatter Brained

You know those days?  Well this morning I woke up feeling a little off and it was due to being impossibly scatter brained.  I would start doing something and then in the middle of that task I would think of another thing that needed to be done and would begin the new task - examples... unfortunately there seems to be too many, I was picking up the counter when I realized that I needed to get Ki a bib so I walked up the stairs to get the bib and remembered that someone was coming to the house the pick something up that was under my bed so I got down to get the item out from under my bed when I realized that there was a lot of junk under there that needed to be sorted  so I began sorting through the stuff, which led me to the garage where I remembered that I needed to repack the snack pack in my truck, which led me back into the kitchen where I was cleaning off the counter... Sakes, is just about all I have to say!
I wish I could say that my scatter brained morning was it, unfortunately not!  I had a scatter brained day, now I am sitting the basement while the boys play trying to get a few minutes to myself while I have a load of laundry washing, another drying and I am looking at all the toys on the floor thinking that I need to get to those while one arm is unsuccessfully trying to ref my two boys who seem to be at each others throats, literally!  So on to more impossible scatter brained evening.