Friday, January 7, 2011

Count down

I think that is about all that gets me through the days... Thirteen days until I get meet this little boy. Twenty five days in the hospital so far... One of my cousins aptly said, it is like surviving on Survivor. There are days that it definitely feels like that. I may not be required to eat bugs, but some days the food feels like something foreign that should not be eaten. I am not participating in physically challenging competitions in the same sense but laying still is rather exhausting!
I have been headache free for the most part. A little twing of pain here and there nothing too unbarable, something that can be managed with a little nap and some water. The MRI came back to reveal that there is no clot or leak, so no medical explanation for the headache... A good thing as far as we are concerned.
The last two days have brought on some higher blood pressures but not delivery worthy at this point. There are times that I set off the machine, meaning that my pressures are over 150/90 but in the last four days I have only gotten one gong! The concern lays in if I have two gong worthy pressures in six hours, of which I have not!
Today I had another ultrasound, and baby boy looked great. He tried taking a few breaths, I could see his diaphragm moving and his body moving with those movements, a huge thing. I did get a few three demensional pictures of him and he sure does look like a Kulow. He has a round face with a defined forehead and chin. At one point he opened his eyes too as if he was looking at me. It will be neat to actually see his little eyes and see his little face when that time comes.
On a much lighter note... As I sit here in the hospital I find myself laughing out loud at all these woman that come and go. I dont know who they are but I see shadows from under my door and occasionally hear the yells of women meeting their little bundles. I will say that as I hear the yelling I think, oh how neat that they are meeting their babies but also think, suck it up and quit your yelling! LOL