Friday, January 7, 2011


Those of you that I have talked to lately know exactly what I am talking about. Not talking about Batman or Superman... I am talking about Michael. This post is exclusively a chance for me to brag on my husband. While I have been sitting in the Swedish b and b for the last twenty five days Michael has been taking on all the house chores, kid appointments, cleaning the house, and carting the boys to and from not only the hospital but every where else. Each time the boys come to visit me Micheal sits quietly so I can have my special time with the boys. At the end of each visit a long tight hug and an extra special kiss seals my deep love for him. Four years of marriage and some rough times never had me imagining the special love that would come in the last month. Michael is a super hero, he may not wear a cape but as seen in Incredibles capes are dangerous! I truly am a blessed woman, I have a husband that loves me and three little boys (one still baking but sure to be a blessing).