Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The plan

Like I promised I would update you as soon as I am updated... We have a plan! My labs are holding... Good. My ultrasound was good as well, baby weights four pounds three ounces and looks great, he is a moving machine. His blood flow looks good as well.
The neonatologist's recommendation was that we hold off to thirty four weeks for delivery in the mean time he suggested a consolation with a nerologist.
My doctor came and visited me while Michael was here. She explained that deliverery will take place at thirty four weeks. The only chance of changing that induction would be if my blood pressures sky rocket again or if my headache comes on with a vengeance and does not let up. While talking with my doctor the neurologist came in and the plan is for me to have an MRI. I asked my doctor what the likelihood of me being able to go home and she simply said there is no chance. She explained that the likelihood of complications coming on quickly are too great.
So home will be here for me for the next sixteen days, then there will be delivery, tubal tie and then recovery. The chances of little boy having to spend some time in the NICU are all dependent on him.
The next few weeks will be long, today as the boys were leaving little Ki guy kept grabbing my hand and trying to get me to come with him. He just clung to my neck... Hard to let my baby go home without me!