Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hear to heart

Sorry for the emotional outpouring yesterday. One of the hard things about the hospital stay is feeling the need to hold it all together and then the reality that I don't have the ability to do it. After my ultrasound yesterday a doctor sat me down and asked me why we were inducing at thirty four weeks. Her comment was said I am sure in good intentions but it made me feel like I was being selfish. After a good cry yesterday and being on the verge all day a good heart to heart with my doctor helped. After my lab work today showed that there has been some changes in my blood, my doctor assured me that we are on the right track. That to wait beyond thiry four weeks for my body's sake would simply be asking for trouble. So Wednesday night the doctor will check my cervix and then everything will begin. By Saturday I will have my new baby and my tubes tied and will be going home on Sunday. My thirty three days here in the hospital are numbered... In one week and one day I will be going home!