Friday, January 21, 2011


On January 20th at 5:14 PM MST the Kulow family welcomed their newest member, Zechariah William.
Zechariah means "the Lord remembers", the name is a minor prophet from the Old Testament, his writings were influenced by the major prophet Ezekiel. William means, "determination", the name came from my dad William Bretly Potter. Zechariah will have the nick name of Zach.
Zach weighed five pounds at delivery. He will be spending some time in the NICU. Last night Michael bounced back and forth between my room and Zach's. Hopefully by six tonight I will be able to go down and see Zach. With everything that took place yesterday I only got to hold my little peanut for two or three minutes, so needless to say I am anxious for tonight.