Monday, January 3, 2011

Game plan

Thankfully my doctor is back. After a lengthy conversation with her today I feel at peace and am confident that I am in good hands. The game plan as of right now is that tomorrow morning I will have my blood drawn at six, will have an ultrasound at nine to see the weight and length of baby and check his blood flow and then once all that information is gathered we will jointly make a game plan. So by tomorrow around two-ish we should know when baby is coming and the plan will be set and we will not change from that. So please be praying that my doctor and the perinatologist are able to collect the proper information and that whatever it is that God's hand is in the midst of it all. Pray that Michael and I will feel at peace, be comfortable and confident of the choice. Pray that my body will continue to hold up and that baby is growing wonderfully and that his time here in the hospital will be as short as possible.