Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh joy

As if hanging out in the hospital is not enough I woke up this morning with a urinary tract infection. What is up with that? Antibiotics are on board, Michael is buying me some cranberry juice and I am going to hope and pray that this is gone by Wednesday morning. Don't want to have to deal with this any longer than I have to.
Today marks one week left of hospital stay for me...
My week's schedule:
Monday, nothing more than laying around. My mom flies into Denver in the evening.
Tuesday, blood labs drawn in the morning, last ultrasound to check on baby
Wednesday, hanging out until after clinic hours, cervix check around five and induction to begin around six.
Thursday, meeting the newest Kulow boy
Friday, recovering from delivery
Saturday, tubal ligation
Sunday, go home after a total hospital stay of forty one days.
Very excited about this week, I have been laying around thinking about it for the last thirty four days.