Friday, July 8, 2011


Let me just say that I am feeling rather accomplished!  It is 5:45am and I have already been to the gym and taken a shower and replied to three emails that I had in my inbox.  Although I feel accomplished right now who knows how I will be feeling around two this afternoon!?!?!
I have decided that after the 4am feeding with Riah that I am going to head to the gym.  I have been putting on more weight than I have been loosing and I have gotten to the point where I do not feel comfortable in my own skin and my clothes are not fitting and I don't have money to go buy myself a "fat" wardrobe.  This morning was my first time and I know that there is not a noticeable difference in my body but as far as my emotional state goes I am on a high!
This morning I got on the elliptical for 25 minutes and went 2.06 miles... yes I know that is nothing to write home about but since the last time I was at the gym was well... four years ago... I am doing okay!  The bottom line is that I did not pass out, I was able to walk out of the gym on my own accord and although there is a burn in my legs and stomach I was able to walk up the stairs in my house to take a hot shower.  Accomplished!
Another area of accomplishment in our house is Ki and the whole potty thing.  Don't get me wrong we have a long ways to go before I will classify him as potty trained but he has done really well the last two days.  I think once I gave up he decided that he would take it on himself... to a fault last night I will admit!  I have been prompting Ki to go in and go potty and he will do so all by himself.  He will come and get me to let me know that he went potty and we do a little dance and then get his clothes back on.  Last night however was the first in the week that number two made it in the potty... well that is until he wanted to show me what he had done.  Needless to say I had an impromptu carpet cleaning last night!  We will get there and I have discovered that for Ki it will be on his terms... he must be a Kulow!  ;-)