Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Official Schedule

I am a schedule person.  I am not a stickler about schedules but for the most part our days look about the same from Monday to Friday.  Our day outside the home starts around nine and then we are usually home around noon for lunch and naps around one and then the rest of the afternoon is spend playing around the house. 
Monday I was soooo, looking forward to nap time in our house because that morning I got home from the gym and Riah was already awake which meant I did not get to shower before our day began.  Needless to say Monday nap time was much needed and come one I put the older boys down and then got Riah down.  I waited a half an hour, an hour, and an hour and a half... no nap.  Zeke and Ki spent their time in their room playing, after one spanking and yelling that it was nap time I gave up.  I realized that it was not worth my anxiety to get a nap in for the boys.  So after I finally let the boys get up Zeke informed me of the week's schedule... silly me, why didn't I think to consult my four year old for how things work in our house?
So apparently the schedule looks something like this:
Monday - play day
Tuesday - snack day
Wednesday - they nap
Thursday - they nap
Friday  - golf day
Silly mommy!  I guess I was all off thinking that I had things under control!