Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Growing Up

This week I have been significantly hit by the fact that my babies are growing up.
Zeke and I were talking about when he gets bigger he will be a daddy... this conversation was spurred on by the fact that Michael bought a remote control helicopter and he said that it is just for daddy... hence Zeke is already planning on when he will be a daddy to get the helicopter.  That being put the side though, he is getting taller and I know that before I know it I will be looking up to him.  Even after our talk though Zeke told me, "Don't worry about it mom, I will still be your baby boy!"  Gotta love that kid!
Ki has potty trained himself!  Yeah, remember my stressing about it last week... well, he has taken it upon himself and is doing awesome.  Granted there are still accidents, but he is going to the bathroom by himself and going potty.  Yesterday we had a potty breakthrough too... number two went in the potty for the first time and it stayed there, no field trip around the house in the hands of Ki for that number two!  Yeah!!! 
Riah is cutting his first tooth, the little spot can be seen.  He is gumming everything in sight and drooling like a leaky faucet.  This weekend was the first somewhat successful cereal feeding for Riah.  He is a spazz, it took Michael and I to get the food in his mouth and he would just about eat Michael whole hand if he didn't take it away fast enough.  He is rolling over like a champ and he is almost got the whole sitting thing.  He can sit with the help and support of the Boppy around him but it doesn't last too long.  If he had it his way he would be out playing with his brothers.  When Zeke and Ki are in the front living room playing with their cars Riah is watching them like a hawk.  Ki is really good about giving Riah a car to hold and he thinks that he is the coolest thing ever.
So although there are days that I dread what might happen I know that I better treasure every bit of it before I turn around and I am sending them on their way for life!