Tuesday, July 26, 2011


That was what I was saying to myself all day yesterday, "Really?" 
Friday afternoon Malachi woke up from his nap and was limping.  Nothing too serious but it was noticeable.  When Michael got home I had him look at Ki's foot, leg and hip.  We determined that it was Ki's hip that was bothering him.  Being that it was the evening there was nothing that could be done so it was the weekend of waiting it out.  Saturday it was even worse and Sunday was the worst of all.  He was not wanting to walk.  He got down from the table and stepped wrong and just started to cry.  Needless to say I was thinking that I should take him to the emergency room but Michael told me to just wait for Monday and take him to the doctor.  So I woke up and called the doctor first thing to get an appointment as early as possible.  Ki, Riah and I headed to the doctor at 8:15 am and Michael took Zeke to swim lessons at 9am.  Ki did not get done with his appointment until 9:40am... they took two x-rays and five vials of blood.  I was told to just wait to hear back from the doctor with results.  We got home and I called the chiropractor and got Ki in for a 3:20pm appointment for an adjustment to try and alleviate some of the pain that he was experiencing.  The chiropractor helped and so we headed back home and got home around 4:45pm.  My neighbor came over to the house and we sat on the back patio and watched the kids play in the backyard.  My neighbor left at 5:20pm and I was telling the boys to come in the house and as I am saying that I hear Zeke scream... the scream that sent me running.  I get to Zeke to be greeted with a mouth bleeding and his tongue hanging out with a big flap hanging.  Needless to say I rushed him into the bathroom had him rinse his mouth with water to try and see what the damage was.  I called Michael to see if I should take him to the hospital.  Granted Michael could not see the damage and was only hearing my somewhat panicked description.   I headed to the emergency room and arrived there with my three crazy boys at 5:45pm.  We were taken back immediately and by that time I was thinking, "Why did I even bother?"  My concern was put to rest when the doctor came in and said that although it was a bleeder that there was nothing to be done, no stitches or  shot, just a hydrogen peroxide wash out four times a day.  Finally back home at 6:30pm I was feeling spent and the best thing that happened all day was that none of the boys really napped so by 8:30pm everyone was out.  Oh, yeah to top it all off of course Michael was working late... he got home around 8:15pm. 
A followup from the test results from yesterday come this morning in a call from the doctor... it is not hip displaysia, it is not cancer, it may still be arthritis or a viral infection.  We should have the rest of the test results in the next few days. 
Today we are spending playing in the backyard, I am getting laundry done and getting things around the house done... laying low is the best description for our day today!