Monday, July 4, 2011

Escaping the heat, yet again

Today was another scorcher of a day so myself and my men packed up and headed for the mountains.  Mark, Michael's dad met us up there.  The original idea was for Mark, Michael and the two older boys to go fishing... notice how I said the "idea" well when you get two little guys near the water about all that is going to happen is anything but fishing.  So after what Michael classifies bush waking with Zeke and Ki, Michael wound up coming back with Ki.  The first words out of Michael's mouth was, "Honey, I am not sure how I survived my childhood."  Then I notice that Michael only has Ki and he left Zeke with Mark... needless to say once Zeke got back he was still alive and only had scratches on his legs.  Escape the heat was my plan and I succeeded, Michael put up a small tent shade for Riah and myself and we spent some time napping together in the great outdoors.  A pretty good day in my book!