Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I will admit that I was feeling rather defeated yesterday after our not so stellar potty day.  I had to spend some time last night after Ki went to bed to regroup mentally.  I reminded myself that not all my kids are the same and what worked for one will not work for others.  There is never a kindergartner that is still in diapers.  It was only one day... I have to cut myself some slack.
So after having my mental pep talk last night I was feeling okay this morning about taking on another potty day, then it was shattered by a very grouchy Ki!  UGH!  I was so frazzled on top of being a potty day it was speech therapy day too.  Wednesdays are just not my favorite days because I feel like I am running like a mad woman, however I decided that one day of running is better than having multiple days of therapy.
Any way... as I am trying to get to speech therapy I wind up sitting in horrible traffic which makes me late to Zeke's session and when we eventually get there I am trying to get Ki out of the car and he is just screaming and wont get out of the car. 
We finally get upstairs and one of the moms sitting in the waiting room asks, "So it is one of those days?"  My glazed look and Ki's red face and tears probably gave us away.  The mom then takes Riah for me and feeds him and the other mom just starts talking with me.  These two moms have their own lives and problems but saw my distress and helped me out. 
I was so blessed!  One of the mom has seven kids, her youngest is a boy in speech therapy and one of her kids has downs.  The other mom is a mom of two and her youngest is the same age of Zeke.  These two ladies were just so nice to me that it really helped me out, to realize that I am not in the potty training and speech therapy world all alone.