Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Block

Grrrr!  Once I got over the mental block of waking up at 4am to go to the gym my lovely child has to throw a wrench in the plan.  Friday, Saturday and Monday I got up in the morning after feeding Riah and went to the gym.  Sunday I did take off like I said but got back to it Monday.  Well then my little Riah bug decided that he is not going to keep the same sleep pattern that he has had for the last two months.  Instead of going to bed at 7:30pm and then waking up at 4am for a feeding and going back to bed until 6:30am, he has been going to bed at the same time but then waking up at 10pm, 1am stays awake until 2:30 and then wakes up again at 4:30am and then up for the day at 6am!  I mean, come on already!  The mental block of a 4am gym time seems like nothing but the wake ups in the middle of the night on top of that is just too much for me to do and then be functional for the rest of the day with the older two.  I can contribute these restless nights to teething as Riah is cutting his first tooth, however my fat won't go away on its own since Riah is cutting teeth!  I am going to have to do something... maybe gym at night after I put Riah to bed at 7pm... the only thing with that is I am usually "pumped" after the gym and have a hard time shutting down then for the night.  UGH!