Wednesday, August 4, 2010


How is that two little people can bring out so many varying behaviors in themselves and their caregivers in such a short time frame? 
Seriously, it is only nine in the morning and I am already planning a one way trip for the two of them to spanking land.  I think the most frustrating thing of all is the comment from their father - "They don't act like that for me."  Well then take over at any moment... because the being nice, the screaming, the ignoring, the spanking, the yelling and the crying don't seem to silicate better behavior - I am at my wits end!  
After a rough morning, waking up at 6am with one crying for no reason and another fussing for God only knows why we are here at nine and at this very moment they are nicely playing together.  Yes, they are screaming - but they are chasing each other and having fun.  
How can we go from screaming at each other and throwing fits to playing like two well behaved brothers?  I think the only reason for it is so that as a mother I do not strangle them!  I struggle with at the moment that they start to behave well, thinking maybe we can leave the house and go do something, and then almost at that very second they start back into yelling and screaming at each other in a bad way.  This is exhausting!  
Two little people know how to pull every string emotionally possible, leaving the one in charge utterly drained and feeling like an absolute failure because they behave so differently for the other parent!