Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of CDs

Andrea here reporting to all your curious minds on my first day of cloth diapers... I do not hate it, I actually think CDs will work for us.  I will say that I don't necessarily know that Gdiapers are the ones for us.  There are a few reasons for it but before I knock anything I am going to try for another week or two.  The one thing that I am seeing with this system in particular is that Ki just doesn't really fit them - the mediums according to weight are what he should be in and around four this evening I realized that they were cutting his legs a little too much... they had "bruised" his little legs.  So I moved him to the larges and he spent a few hours in them and they seem to be okay.  The other problem I was having is the absorbency of the diapers - so after a little research I read that the lack of absorbency can be due to build up on the diapers.  Thankfully my friend Talia is on speed dial and she gave me a few recommendations and a trip to Vitamin Cottage will hopefully help. 
Thus far my cloth diaper financial investment is up to $45.  Purchases include a wet pail for the house, a wet bag for out and about, re-usable wipes, and detergent/cleaning supplies for the actual diapers.