Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yet another reason

(Sorry for the feast or famine when it comes to the blog posts lately...)
Tonight was yet another example of why I love my husband... I was making pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and at 4pm I realized that the pork had burned in the crock pot.  I had changed the sauce that I normally use and the new stuff burned.  There was nothing to salvage and so I text Michael and let him know that he may want to just grab dinner for himself and I will try to figure something out for the boys and I.  I get a call minutes later from him asking what happened and I explained.  He somewhat exasperated ended the phone call with - I will take care of it.
A half an hour later Michael is home with a few bags of groceries and a plan!  Over the next hour he prepares a bunch of little ramekins with a variety of toppings and then tells me to get the boys.  Michael helped each boy make their own calzone.  As I watched my husband, a proud father help his boys make their dinner and told them each step my heart was filled with a deep sense of love!  
I was so overcome by pride of what a father Michael is that I had to grab my camera for a few shots.  I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of the finished masterpieces, however my hunger overtook me and the boys and we polished off every last bite before I came to my senses realizing that I had missed a photo opportunity.