Friday, August 20, 2010


Where does all the gas go in my car? The last few weeks I have been having to fill up every week and often don't event make it a whole week. What is up with that? Sakes I know that I love my car and like to drive it but I didn't think that my driving habits have changed that much. I get a few miles less a gallon - from 21 to 19... that is not too drastic. My 4Runner tank could take me 360 miles and the Acadia tank can take me 340 miles. This week I gased up on Monday and as of last night (the last time I drove) I am at 324 miles! Granted we had two trips to the hospital this week and I had to drop Michael off downtown two times this week. But that was just this week... what has happened the last three weeks? I just keep telling myself that once Zeke is back in school our "summer driving" will drop dramatically because I won't have to take the boys places to entertain them. Our schedule will be to and from school and that will be about it. Hopefully after the first week of September I will be able to get two weeks out of a tank again like I used to get with my 4Runner. I guess thankfully too the gas prices haven't been too bad - I filled up on Monday for $2.35 a gallon (granted that was with Safeway's ten cent discount). I wonder when $2.35 a gallon become good, too? LOL!