Friday, August 20, 2010

A Success!

Thank you for those that took some time to say a little prayer for my Ki guy! Wednesday's surgery was a huge success! We got to the hospital at 7:30am, checked in. Got right into the pre-op room. Ki was fine the entire time. Around 8:15, Michael and Zeke left to get some breakfast. The doctor came in at 8:20 to let me know what was going to take place. At 8:27 the nurses came in and had me kiss Ki one last time and then he was whisked off. From in my hands to out and back in my hands again was a total of 21 minutes. The doctor said that the tubes went in quick and well. Ki was not too happy about being put to sleep and kind of fussed at them but was fine after that. The receptionist took me back to see Ki, they were waking him up when I walked in. As I was walking down the hall I could hear him starting to cry, which fastened my pace to him, I walked in and the nurse reminded me that he would be like a newborn, floppy so careful with his head. The minute he was in my arms he settled down and fell back asleep. The nurse continued checking his stats and around nine he woke up drank almost an entire juice cup then snuggled back in for another nap. At 9:20 we were released and told we could hang out in the recovery room or in the waiting area. I chose the waiting area... called Michael to come back and pick us up and we were headed home by 9:40am. Ki spent most of the morning in and out of naps, as was expected by the doctors and nurses. By one in the afternoon however - he was ready to get back to playing. Here we are on Friday and he is doing great!