Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Refelctions from an early riser family

Why is it that store do not open until 9am or later?  Granted I know that not everyone is up at 6am with their children, however I am.  Our morning starts early and we spend most of the early morning waiting around for stores and places to open so that we can start our day.  I have to remind Zeke at 7am that most people are just now waking up.  I hate that I spend the morning trying to keep them quiet in the backyard so that neighbors can sleep.  I hate that I have to cool my morning jets for a few hours before we can get our daily errands done.  Yes, I know - rather than complain about it I should be cleaning my house, doing laundry - of which I do most days!  However when Ki takes his morning nap around 9:30... I want to have my stuff done so that while he naps I can get the cleaning items done.  Granted there are a few stores that open before 9am - Target, Walmart, Safeway and Sunflower Market... and to them I thank.  In Andrea's perfect town the town would begin at 8am and would close down around 5pm and honestly that is stretching it further than I ever really need it!  I usually am home by 3pm from anything that I need to do during the day.  Naps in my house usually happen around 2:30 so pretty much after naps... we are home for the rest of the day.  However one thing that I am never so sure about is parks... we have a neighborhood park that we enjoy walking to and playing at - what is too early to head to the park and what is too late to be at the park?  People's yards back up to the park so I try to run the same rules that we have for the backyard for the park - no earlier than 8am and no later than 8pm (that is also kind of my phone guidelines too... I am sure I could apply it to a bunch of events in life but those are the current holdings on those time frames).