Monday, August 2, 2010

To Wait Again

Today was Ki's appointment... and thank you for praying!  The insurance thing was worked out - this morning at 9:45am!  Ki's ears were not totally cleared up but the doctor said that he wasn't worried about it.  He said that with ears they are not too worried about them being totally clear for surgery, he said if that was the case then many people would not be able to have surgery.  Ki had some hearing tests and they all confirmed that he has almost perfect hearing, so the infections are not causing hearing loss - happy about that.  The doctor said that he will submit paperwork for the surgery today.  We will hear back from the office in a week or less to schedule the surgery and pre-op appointment.  So although I have to wait, I am now not worried about possible ear infections holding us back from getting the surgery.  So hopefully in one week I will know when we are having surgery and we will go from there!