Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Schedule

Today was one of those days that I had to sit back and realize just how crazy busy my schedule is!  I felt like I was running against the clock all day and to top it off was all over town.
Just a quick view of what a day in Andrea's life looks like...
Woke up at 6am to Ki coming into bed with me
Ki fell back asleep and slept while I jumped in the shower
Zeke woke up at 7:45 (this is major sleeping in in our house!)
Ki woke up at 8:05 (big sleeping in for him!)
Breakfast for the boys
Leave the house at 9am
Drop of medical specimen at doctor's office at 9:20
Headed to Sweet Beginnings, in downtown Littleton to get a few cloth diaper supplies
Get Zeke to OT, in Centennial at 11am
While sitting in Zeke's appointment I get a call from my neighbor asking if I could watch her daughter for a half an hour and as payment she wanted to take the boys and I out to lunch
So rush from Zeke's OT appointment and get home to watch the neighbor daughter
Then my neighbor and the three kids head to Golden for lunch
After lunch we come home with hopes of getting the boys down for a nap - no chance so I start laundry
I give my friend a call in regards to CD and then the boys and I head over to Target to get a few things and then over to Vitamin Cottage.
All is said and done and I get home and get dinner for the boys then for myself
Boys play in the basement while I get laundry folded and changed
Shower the boys at 7:15
Ki falls asleep at 7:45
Zeke is trying not to fall asleep right now and I am well - sitting here trying not to fall asleep myself and the one thing I can do to guarantee that is to be on the computer.
So I drove all over the place and ran from one place to another and I am wiped out!