Thursday, August 5, 2010


Why is it that at nap time everyone and their brother has to be outside my house?  
Ki is not one to fall asleep easily, well not for me!  And here it was 2:30pm and there was a group of Harley Davidsons driving on our street.  Then the ice cream truck with it's lovely annoying music.  Then of course the delivery truck.  Oh, but that is not all - then the neighbor with the diesel engine comes home and a group of load teenagers decide to hang out in the front yard of our neighbor's house.  At one point my little Ki sat up, put his hands on his ears and started to grunt.  
So after twenty minutes of trying to convince him that it was indeed nap time I got up and closed all the windows and then he laid down and fell fast sleep... until his big brother had to inform me from his room that he had to pee.  Really?  Do you have to shout from your room to mine and inform me of that?  Sakes alive, now it is nearly 4pm and Ki has been sleeping for an house and Zeke, not a wink!  
Tonight will be a fun one... whenever Zeke does not nap the meltdowns begin.  At lunch today Zeke started in on a meltdown over rice cakes, I put four on his plate and he wanted more.  After a big huge fit, a spanking, a timeout and finally cooling down and eating his lunch - the kid did not even touch a single rice cake.  I knew that he was tired or at least over stimulated so he has been sitting in his room reading books, so that I can have some Zeke down time!
Right now the only sounds that I can hear is my air conditioning trying to cool down my house, some classical music playing in the background from the radio and every now and then a page turn from Zeke.  Those are the noises that I like to hear from 2pm until 4pm!