Thursday, August 5, 2010

"No Spankin'"

Quick, funny Zeke story...
I am in the kitchen putting somethings away and I hear Ki start to scream and then I stomp into the living room where the two boys are playing and I see Zeke run upstairs to his room.  I stomp up the stairs to see where he is.  He is sitting on his bed, hiding behind a pillow and all I can see are his eyes peaking out.  I ask him why he ran upstairs and he quickly stands on his bed and puts his little hands up in the air and says, "I threw a toy at Ki and it was bad and I know how to go to my room with no spankin'."  I ask him if what he did was okay and he simply said, "No it bad, but no spankin'." 
I have to admit it was hard not to laugh!  He is a smart kid and as you can tell by the little story, spankin's have been passed out rather frequently lately!  Gotta love the kid, but oh - he sure knows how to push my buttons!