Friday, August 20, 2010


I can't even remember the last time I stepped foot into a Goodwill. I know that sounds bad, and quite honestly it is because I have become a shopping snob! There it is - I have admitted it. Not that I have the money to be a shopping snob, but I just hate having to pick through clothes to find maybe one thing. I would much rather go to a store pick out one thing from the rack and get out. I think that the fact that I only shop with two little guys always in tow has made my shopping mindset one that requires the littlest time requirement. I know that those are merely excuses for my laziness and pure lack of picking through other people's junk to find the one treasure.
Growing up we would frequent the Goodwill, we knew what day the good tags would be on discount and knew what days they restocked the racks - we were faithful rack hunters for the one or two great steals. Once I got a job I discovered the mall and the pleasure that comes from getting an entire outfit in one store that matches and I didn't have to hunt for weeks. Simply I became spoiled and a shopping snob!
Finances being what they are as a family of four, soon to be five on one income - I have begun to swallow my shopping snobbery pride and have decided that Goodwill can now not only receive our hand-me-downs but maybe even some of our money through items purchased.
Yesterday began the Kulow family Goodwill search. The boys and I hit two Goodwills and I spent a total of $26 and I got Zeke five church/school shirts, Ki two church shirts and me three pairs of maternity pants... two were gap and one was Ann Taylor. I would say that we scored! What started the whole search was the fact that this baby tummy has decided to poke out really early and unfortunately I did not loose all my weight and a lot of my pregnancy clothes don't quite fit. I can't squeeze into my other clothes and I was in need of something to wear. Sun dresses can only be worn for so long and the weather will change soon and I will be without pants that fit. I also wanted to find some shirts... something other than over-sized t-shirts but less than the few button down long sleeves that I have. I will say though that there were no maternity shirts at Goodwill. May have to search the sale racks for some fun/cute shirts.