Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To CD or Not To CD

This has been the question on my mind since I find out we have number three baking.  
To do cloth diapers or not to do cloth diapers?
One of our friends has been successfully doing cloth diapers with her number three for a few months now and since talking with her I have noticed my closed mind approach to the whole world becoming more open.  I know it is a strange thing... me having a change of mind!  LOL!  I guess being that I am a stay at home mom and there is a part of me that wishes to live the more "whole living" approach I have become more and more open to the CD world. 
Little did I know the amount of people that are a part of this CD world!  In the last month I have let my mind be more open to the possibility and I am blown away at how at this stage I am almost thinking that CD is what we are going to do.  Granted there is the whole environmental aspect that is intriguing to me but just the ease that has come over the decades makes me more prone to the idea as well.  After sitting down and looking at what we spend in money from newborn to potty trained in diapers, wipes and diaper genie refills we have spent a total of $2,376 for Zeke and are at the half way mark for Ki.  That is a total of $3,500 we have spent in the last three years just in diapers alone.  Granted in that total I did not count diaper creams and Aveeno soothing bath - of which we went through our fair share for Zeke! 
With this new open mind to the whole CD world I am meeting with a friend today that is going to give me a lesson on CD and the ones that she used and loved, the ones that she has and doesn't much like and so on.  She has offered to take me to a CD store and help me through the purchasing process if that is what I decide.  So I have been collecting questions for her and a few others over the last few nights.  Late last week I posted a question on Mamapedia in regards to CD and I had 12 women respond... out of those 12 only one said - I must be insane for even thinking of CD... the rest gave much helpful brand names, ideas and solutions to some of the trivial things that I have been contemplating. 
With all that said - I am feeling like by the end of this month I may know whether I am taking the CD plunge.  I figure between my two friends that are CD SAHM I will have the support system that I will need to make a successful experience out of something that I used to swear - Hell No to and really make it work for our family, both financially and logistically.