Monday, August 16, 2010

Ki Guy

In the last two weeks this little personality in Ki has been coming out. It has been so much fun! I think part of the personality change has been that he has been feeling well. Which is making me even more excited about the fact that he is getting tubes put in this week. Yep, that is right - Ki goes in this morning for his pre-op appointment and then Wednesday morning he will go in for the surgery. The actual surgery should only take a half an hour and depending on how he does when he wakes up we will be at the hospital for one to six hours.
Back to this little personality... Ki has been so happy. He has also learned how much fun it is to climb up on things. If Ki is missing most likely he is sitting in a sink or bathtub playing. His most favorite is to climb into his and Zeke's sink and brush his teeth. Last Friday, I ran upstairs to brush my teeth as we were leaving to go meet up with a friend of mine. I hear Zeke yelling, "Mom, Ki is making a mess." I run down stairs to find Ki sitting in the lower bathroom sink. He had plugged the sink and was filling it up, with himself in it. I guess he thought it was bath time. Needless to say I was a little upset as I had just gotten him dressed in nice clothes to meet my friend and now we had to do a quick outfit change and clean up the mess that was all over the bathroom. Ugh!
While we were out with my friend on Friday we meet them in downtown Denver and then the boys and I took a group of out of towners to Morrison for lunch at a little cafe and then over to the Red Rocks to see. Ki has always been a little more shy. Zeke plays shy but warms up really quick and then everyone is his best friend, which was the case on Friday. Ki on the other hand, I was expecting him to be clingy to me and not even get near anyone else. Boy, was I shocked when he had fast friends with two of the guys and then later another lady. Ki was just as social as Zeke. It was really neat for me to see that Ki IS growing up and becoming a more social little guy. I was starting to think that I have a cling on of a child. Friday proved otherwise and I couldn't be happier.
Ki has also become very fascinated by music. Michael loves to turn on music on his computer and have the boys sit with him and listen to it. Every day my house has music playing... usually through the cable box in the living room. We listen to a variety of music and Ki loves it all. Ki has made out fireplace his own personal stage. He climbs up on the fireplace and then dances till he about falls off, from dancing so much.
My baby Ki is growing up... which I guess is a good thing since in six short months be will no longer be the baby.