Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today was one of the rare days that I have been a domesticated lady.  Granted I was not wearing heels and a pearl necklace - Thank you June Cleaver, but heck I am wearing a non-maternity waisted pant and a decent looking sweater with a real bra under and not just a shelf tank (so I got dressed for real today). 
Today I dropped off Ki at preschool and Zeke, Riah and I came home.  Zeke and I talked for a little bit then he went and played in the snow in the backyard while I got Riah down for his morning nap. 
While Riah napped Zeke and I made Chex Puppy Chow and Cookie Dough.  Then Zeke and I went to the basement and while he played I ironed my stack of clothes that have been holding down my ironing board and got a load of laundry in. 
We picked up Ki from school and then came home and made lunch.  While the boys were eating their lunches I baked three dozen cookies.  After lunch I sent all three boys up for nap time. 
While they napped I cleaned out my shoe cubbies and the boys shoe basket to donate to Soles for Souls.  Then I made dinner - Turkey Pot Pie, it is sitting on the counter waiting to go in the oven.  Then as the boys were waking up from their naps I washed the dishes that have been sitting on the counter due to the fact that I am currently out of dish soap for the washer so - hand wash it was.  Now I am doing another load of laundry and Zeke is watching Looney Toons and Ki, Riah and I are in the basement. 
A pretty domestic day if I say so myself!  Although I am not going to fully pat myself on the back until dinner is out of the oven, on the table and Michael says it is good.